Machine Learning: An overview of national top employers.

Who is hiring all the Data Scientists? What are these companies working on? We present you a short list of the top national employers in the field of Machine Learning.

If you are a Data Scientist you already know that you are in high demand. Who is employing most of the people in your field and what are they doing exactly? If you are in the field of Machine Learning already, who are your top competitors? This list will give information in both scenarios about some of the national top employers in the field of Machine Learning.

Amazon — Positions in Seattle, WA \ Cambridge, MA \ Pittsburgh, PA, Palo Alto, CA

What they are asking for are candidates who “analyze and extract relevant information from large amounts of Amazon’s historical business data to help automate and optimize key features and processes”. It’s expected they will work closely with software engineering teams to drive new feature creation as well as with stakeholders to optimize business operations.

Apple — Positions in Santa Clara Valley, CA

The hired scientist will be expected to “explore architectural enhancements and design cutting-edge pattern recognition systems for multi-modal input such as typing, gestures, and handwriting.” In short, data scientists are needed to improve Apple’s legendary user interfaces.

IBM — Positions in Cambridge, MA \ Denver, CO \ Yorktown Heights, NY

An example of one of their job descriptions looks for a scientist who knows how to “design, implement, and evaluate visual analytics and cognitive visualization prototypes following user-centered design principles”. The idea of course is that these designs bridge the gap between data, analysis and understanding leading the way to predictive analytics.

Twitter — Positions in San Francisco, CA \ Seattle, WA

Some of the available positions in this company are more targeted to improving their advertising platform. They are looking for people who can “improve the performance of our flagship retargeting product by improving the prediction of ad engagement and user transactional behavior”.

Google — Positions in Mountain View, CA \ San Bruno, CA

The candidate will be expected to research and develop new algorithms and methods for optimizing data center efficiency and performance. Employers are looking he or she will also “design, validate and implement controls algorithms to handle electrical and mechanical stability as well as analyze and recommend approaches to handling dynamics of the electromechanical systems and their interactions within a data center,” among other details.

This is just a very brief list of some of the top employers that are interested in hiring people who can work on machine learning projects. It’s just the tip of the iceberg but it provides enough insight into what are these cutting edge companies are looking for when leading their headhunting efforts. As you can see, the qualifications are almost always based on the idea of bridging the gap between data, analysis and understanding of said data.

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